Friday, December 18, 2009

How to place the stacked canvas in TAB page canvas?

We can’t place the stacked canvas in TAB page canvas. But we can show the stacked canvas in all/required tab pages.

For an example, (Requirement like this ...) we need to show the ITEM DETAILS (Line sequence num, Item number and description) in all TAB pages (Item details, OSP WIP Job, PO Details, Container and notes).

As per requirement you did content and TAB page canvas design; once you are going to create the stacked canvas the developer suite will throw an error …

To avoid this error, go to VIEW >> STACKED VIEWS >> just un-select your TAB page canvas (CTRL +select/unselect). Now you can view the content canvas only.

Do the design/place the stacked canvas and place the items whatever you want.

Once you done the stacked canvas design; goto VIEW >> STACKED VIEWS >> choose the all canvas views and verify the position of items.

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