Wednesday, September 1, 2010

R12 Oracle Payables Management Fundamentals

1. Create a New Employee
(Create the new employee and assigning the assignment, etc.)
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2. Create a New User
(Create the new application user and link with employee, buyer info, assing responsibnility, etc.)
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3. Buyer Setup
(Set yourself as a buyer)
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4. Employee Hierarchy Process
(Run the Fill Employee Hierarchy process to add people to the position hierarchy. This is necessary for approvals to work correctly when using a position hierarchy.)
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5. Create a Supplier
(Create a Pay Group, Supplier, Supplier Sites, Site Contacts, etc)
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6. Create a 1099 Supplier
(Create a 1099 Supplier, etc)
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7. Setup an Invoice Batch
(Batch all invoices for this Supplier in this batch)
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