Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Setup an Invoice Batch

Advantages of Invoices Batches

1. Enter invoice defaults at the batch level that override system or supplier site defaults for all invoices in the batch.

2. Maximize accuracy by tracking variances between the control invoice count and total and the actual invoice count and total resulting from your invoice entry.

3. Easily locate a batch online and review the name of the person who created the batch and the date it was created.

Responsibility: Payables, Vision Operations (USA)
Navigation: Invoices > Entry > Invoice Batches

APP-SQLAP-10199: You cannot navigate to the Invoice Batches window because batch control is not enabled for your system.

If you want to enable invoice batch control for your system, then ask your system administrator to enable the profile option AP: Use Invoice Batch Controls in the System Profile Options window.

Profile Option

AP: Use Invoice Batch Controls

YES -> Create the Invoice with batch
NO  -> Create the Invoice without batch.

To enter an Invoice Batch

1. In the Invoice Batches window enter a unique value in the Invoice Batch Name field. This name will appear on your reports and will help you locate the batch online.

2. Enter the number of invoices in the batch in the Control Count field.

Enter the sum of invoice amounts in the batch in the Control Total field. Payables tracks variances between the Control Count and Total and the Actual Count and Total as you enter invoices.

Note: If there is a discrepancy between the invoice amount and batch amount, Payables warns you when you exit a batch but it does not prevent Invoice Validation and payment of the individual invoices within a batch. You can make a correction immediately, or you can adjust the invoice batch later.

3. Enter any Invoice Defaults you want for the invoices. Defaults include: Currency, Type, Document Category, Hold Name, Liability Account, Payment Terms, Pay Group, GL Date, and Hold Reason.

These values you enter for defaults override any system and supplier site defaults for the invoices. For example, if you want the purchase order to provide the default value for Payment Terms on the invoice, then leave the Payment Terms field here blank. When you enter individual invoices you can override any values that default from the batch.

4. Choose the Invoices button and enter the invoices.

Responsibility: Payables, Vision Operations (USA)
Navigation: Invoices > Entry > Invoice Batches
Batch Name: ABC Batch

Invoice Batch Created Successfully.


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