Monday, January 11, 2010

How to submit the concurrent request from shell scripts?

CONCSUB utility used for submit the concurrent request from shell scripts. CONCSUB are described in the "System Administration User Guide" as follow:

$ CONCSUB {APPS username}/{APPS password} \
{responsibility application short name} \
{responsibility name} \
{username} \
[WAIT=N|Y{n seconds}] \
{program application short name} \
{program name} \
[PROGRAM_NAME={description}] \
[REPEAT_TIME={resubmission time}] \
[REPEAT_INTERVAL= {number}] \
[REPEAT_INTERVAL_UNIT={resubmission unit}] \
[REPEAT_INTERVAL_TYPE={resubmission type}] \
[REPEAT_END={resubmission end date and time}] \
[START={date}] \
[IMPLICIT={ type of concurrent request} \
[{parameter 1} ... {parameter n}]

For parameters that follow the CONCURRENT parameter and include spaces, enclose the parameter argument in double quotes, then again in single quotes.

More details @ Meta link ID 457519.1

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