Thursday, September 2, 2010

Create a New Employee

Responsibility : Human Resources, Vision Enterprises
Navigation : People > Enter and Maintain


Enter the Last, First Names, Title, Gender.
Choose the Action : Create Employment
Social Security Number : [XXX-XX-XXXX]

If you get "This social security number already exists. Continue?"
Click OK or enter other SSN.

Date of Birth : DD-MON-YYYY


If you get this, Choose No Match


Click "Assignment" Button

Organization : Vision Operations

If POP-UP window appears choose the CORRECTION 

People Group : Finance.
Job : MGR500.Manager
Position : MM400.Materials Manager

[YES] accept the Default Values

Location : M1 - Seattle


Name : Brown, Ms. Casey

[Purchase Order Information] Tab Page

Ledger : Vision Operations (USA)
A/C Alias : Employee Expanse
Default Exp A/c : 01-110-6100-0000-000
(Or) Accept the Default Expense Account Values


If the below note appears. Just CANCEL it, otherwise the location will change M1 -> HR

A new EMPLOYEE created successfully.

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