Monday, September 6, 2010

Create a Supplier

a) Create a New Pay Group

Pay Group: A feature you use to select invoices for payment in a payment batch.

When you create a payment batch, you can choose a Pay Group to pay a category of suppliers or invoices at the same time. You define Pay Groups for suppliers and supplier sites in the Payables QuickCodes window. Examples of Pay Groups you may define are employees, merchandise, non-merchandise, government, domestic, and international.

Responsibility: Purchasing, Vision Operations (USA)
Navigation: Setup > Purchasing > Lookup Codes

Query the pay group lookup code "PAY GROUP"

Enter the new pay group code

Code : ABC PAY
Meaning : ABC PAY
Description : ABC Paygroup

b) Create a Supplier

Responsibility: Payables, Vision Operations (USA)
Navigation: Suppliers > Entry

Create a Supplier

Organization Name: ABC Corporation


Navigate to Company Profile > Organization

Type : Manufacturing


Navigate to Terms and Control > Tax and Reporting

Allow Tax Applicability : Check


Navigate to Purchasing

Create Debit Memo from RTS Transaction : Check

NOTE: Enable the Create Debit Memo From RTS Transaction option if you want the system to automatically create a Debit Memo in Payables when you enter a Return to Supplier (RTS) in Purchasing. The value for supplier site defaults from the purchasing options window.


Navigate to Receiving

Receipt Routing : Standard Receipt (Requires: Standard receipt, Deliver)
Match Approval Level : 3-Way
Allow Substitute Receipts : Check


Navigate to Invoice Management

Invoice Currency : USD (US dollar)
Invoice Match Option : Purchase Order

Payment Currency : USD (US dollar)
Terms : Immediate
Pay Group : ABC PAY (Which you created on earlier)
Always Take Discount : Check


Navigate to Payment Details

Payment Method: Electronic : Check


This creates the basic supplier.

c) Create a Supplier Sites

Navigate to Address Book

Enter the valid Address details.

Address Line1 : 1st Main Road
State : CA
Postal Code : 94109
Address Name : SAN FRAN
Addressee : SAN FRAN
Phone Area Code : 415
Phone Number : 555-1234
Address Purpose : [Check] Payment



This creates the basic supplier site.

To UPDATE the supplier site attributes to click "MANAGE SITES"

[Check] Pay, Primary Pay


Notification Method : Print


PAY SITE Successfully created.

Create a Purchasing Site

Navigate to Address Book [Click to Create]

Address Line1 : 520 Madison Avenue
County : NEW YORK
State : NY
Postal Code : 10022
Address Name : NEW YORK
Addressee : NEW YORK
Phone Area Code : 212
Phone Number : 555-7703
Address Purpose : [Check] Purchasing



Address and Site Creation - Unable to create address and sites because of the following error when trying to create the site in operating unit [Vision Operations]: [ORA-01403: no data found in Package AP_VENDOR_PUB_PKG Procedure Validate_Vendor_Site]. Either resolve this issue and try again or deselect the operating unit with the error and continue. Note: any new address requires at least one site in order to be created.

Cause: Addressee

Dealing with "Addressee"

Addressee field is potentially used to assist with the interface with iStore.A ddressee is used when an order is made by a customer and is shipped somewhere else. It is just like you purchase a book and have it shipped to your friend . Your friend becomes the addressee at the address that the book is sent to. Therefore you can use ADDRESSEE column to store an alternative displayed name which can be used in place of the party name on mailing labels or other external documents.

The usage of this column may vary in different applications within Oracle EBS.

Oacle Shipping

Oracle Shipping will display the column on mailing label for ship to customer when the customer account owning party is a party of party type PERSON.

Oracle OM

Order Management may display the column in a sales order along with the customer name (from party name), ship to org name (from customer site use simplifying the process of creating the on-time ship to address.

Oracle CRM Product

CRM iStore will use the column to display the person name in a personal address book since CRM consider that it is a huge overhead to create a party record for each person in a personal address book.

Technical Reference

TCA table HZ_PARTY_SITES parking the column data in ADDRESSEE field.


Remove Addressee / Enter Valid one.



Successfully created a Supplier with Sites. (Purchasing & Pay)


  1. Hi Shankar,

    Good info..

    Can you help me out on below issue,

    I converted a PR into sourcing RFQ through auto create. I added all sections and required requirements and saved as Draft. When i click on Publish button,

    "The following suppliers have defined invalid supplier sites:Bauxite Traders" this error occurs.


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