Saturday, January 3, 2015

External LOV in OAF

1. Create a New Workspace and Project

Right Click Applications -> New OA Workspace

Enter Workspace Name and Click OK

Enter Project Name and Default Package then click Next

2. Create a New Application Module

Right Click on ExternalLovProject -> New -> ADF Business Components -> Application Module

Enter Package and Application Module Name then Click Next.

3. Create a New View Object (VO)

Right click on EnternalLovProject -> New -> ADF Business Components -> View Object

VO Select Statement

SELECT project_id projectid,
       segment1 projectnumber,
       name projectname

  FROM pa.pa_projects_all

Click Next till SQL Statement Window. (Step 5 of 8)

Step 4: Attach VO to AM

Right Click on ExternalLovAM -> Edit ExternalLovAM

Data Model -> ExternalLovVO
Update the Name ExternalLovVO1 -> ExternalLovVO
Move to Right then click on OK

5. Create a New OA Page

Right Click on EnternalLovProject -> New -> OA Components -> Page

Name: ExternalLovPG
Package: oracle.apps.fnd.externallov.webui 

Step 6: Create a LOV Region

Right Click on EnternalLovProject -> New -> OA Components -> Region

Region Style

7. Select ExternalLovRN. Right click on ExternalLovRN in Structure pane and click table using wizard. In the wizard choose the oracle.apps.fnd.externallov.server.ExternalLovAM and select the ExternalLovVO.

Region ID: ExternalLovRN

Region Style: table

Move the fields to Right

Click Next and Finish it.

8: Modify the Field Properties

9: Create a New Page Layout Region and Container Region for Lov
Select ExternalLovPG

ID: PageLayoutRN
AM Definition: oracle.apps.fnd.externallov.server.ExternalLovAM
Window Title: External LOV Window
Title: Project LOV

Right click PageLayoutRN and click new Region

ID: MainRN

Region Style: messageComponentLayout

10. Right click the MainRN and click new messageLovInput

ID: ProjectName
External Lov: /oracle/apps/fnd/externallov/webui/ExternalLovRN

11. Lov Mappings

ID: ProjectLovMap
LovRegionItem: ProjectName
ReturnItem: ProjectName
Criteria Item: ProjectName

12. Save your work, Run the ExternalLovPG.xml

Congratulations, you have done it!

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